So, Gamergate.  Sorry HASHTAG Gamergate.  It’s a movement that started as consumers wanted to address a perceived bias by gaming journalism toward certain games in exchange for payment (of multiple kinds) and a drive for better ethics in game journalism.  Whether it was a front or whether it’s been hijacked it’s not that any more.  Now it’s a group who actively and viciously attack female gamers, game journalists, actually let’s just call them females, women, the entire sex.

Firstly, Gamergate, the original, Gamergate 1.0.  It was horseshit, it’s more conspiracy theory, too much time on your hands nonsense that people perpetuated by reblogging the same shitty misinformation.  I get it, originally they saw some wrongs, and they wanted to bring people to task, the hashtag was created and it was something for the people who felt injustice to rally behind, but too many people started to use the hashtag to promote negative, bigoted views and that spread like a cancer, and now the tumor is inopperable.  The movement is lost to this negative connotation.

Gamergate 2.0 is a by-product of that in which  lies have been twisted into fact by smart, devious, misogynistic assholes, and are now being seen by nutcases, actual, seriously unhinged idiots who are threatening people’s lives.  Threatening to shoot up a school that a woman is talking in about feminism in gaming, threatening to come to someone’s house, threatening rape for crying out loud.  Sick mentally deficient people bemoaning truth.  That’s the worst part.  Everything these women are saying is true, the harassment they are getting the bias they are being shown, everything they say about gaming culture.  But we men no want to hear lady speak!  What are we cave men.  Grow up!  We need to change and we need to do it quick before we are the focal point of anther headline, another attack, another shooting.

Gamergate, HASHTAG Gamergate is now a bad thing.  there is no recourse.